A break on the stock market after the strong rebound?

After three days of strong rise, it is likely that financial markets will reduce their volatility in the morning while waiting for the opening of the American markets. This is usually what happens at the end of the week after a meeting of the FOMC.

So we should have a morning of tidy without large volume. You have to be careful with this type of morning because we are still used to extreme volatility and we generally have tendency to make a boredom trade. Boredom trade that can ruin the day.

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In this context, caution is needed all the more since there does not seem to be any major development in the negotiations between the Russians and the Ukrainians. The hope of a quick resolution to the conflict seems to be waning and as a result the tensions over raw materials, such as the barrel of oil which goes back above $100, leave again.

Investors are therefore struggling to position themselves because we have absolutely no visibility over the next few days, the next few weeks…

Today I’m not going trader as a precaution and because Friday days are sometimes complicated to manage. Yesterday I struggled to get back into the green as you can see from my results and so this is a sign for me that I need to stop my trading week to keep it green.

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Wishing you a great weekend,
Benoist Rousseau

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