A cat gently comforts his brother during a moving storm!

Emma Patricia has four adorable rescued cats at home, and the tranquility in the home is something you rarely see, as her felines are mischievous and playful; they like to flit around and fight each other, especially Norman and Noah. Norman takes care of his brother at all times and always watches over him.

Emma told The Dodo:

“My little sister found Noah on a canoe trip. He was in the river bed, I came to get him and he never left. They are siblings and act as such. »


A cat comforts his brother during a thunderstorm

The owner of the cats recalls that one Saturday during a thunderstorm, while she was enjoying some quiet time, she looked out the window and witnessed an adorable, sweet moment between Norman and Noah. They sat side by side, and Norman seemed to be comforting his brother.

Emma says:

“Boys love to sit and watch the rain out the window. I didn’t think anything, but I looked outside a few minutes later, and Norman had his paw around Noah and they were sitting there watching the storm.”


Emma managed to snap a sweet photo of the moment and posted it on her Twitter account. In no time, his photo went viral. People were happy to see the expression of love from the felines. The woman says it is normal to see them together and take care of each other, but it was the first time she saw them like this.

Emma added:

“They cuddle like that to groom each other. But sit like little friends like that, never! “.


Emma is very happy to see the bond that her cats have created, she is sure that they will always support and take care of each other; they are true brothers.

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