a decimated duck farm in the Dombes

Sixteen years since that had happened. This Saturday, August 27, the prefecture informed of the taking of an order following the detection of an outbreak of avian flu in a duck farm located in Saint-Nizier-le-D├ęsert, in Dombes.

A situation that finds an echo in the past. On February 18, 2006, the department was the very first in France to identify a case of H5N1 in wildlife (see elsewhere). Five days after the discovery of a dead duck in Joyeux, all of the poultry on a farm had to be slaughtered because they were infected with the virus, in Versailleux, a town located a few kilometers away as the crow flies.

On the strength of this experience, the health authorities reacted tit for tat. Detected on Friday August 26, the first suspected cases were quickly diagnosed as proven. Saturday morning, the veterinary services were already in battle order on the farm concerned, located on the edge of the RD70b, in the town of…

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