A dog announces to her master that her babies are about to be born, a touching scene

The female dog in this story is ready to give birth: Dogs are one of the most sociable pets, as they always seek the company of others, whether they are of the same species or not.

Likewise, when it comes to more complex situations, such as the birth of their offspring, the female will usually seek out her master to accompany her in this special moment. The scene went viral on TikTok.

A dog announces to her owner that her babies are about to be born

The clip was shared by the user TikTok @user09826826mariana. The caregiver filmed the moment her pets seemed eager to tell her the news that her babies were soon to be born.

Both father and mother knew it was time to give birth, and even looked happy while wagging their tails. After going to see their master, they both went to their small house, where the Golden Retriever dog lay down in position to give birth.

Several of the Internet users did not fail to leave some comments to this video :

“My life, my dog ​​did the same” said one user.

“At least these puppies have a present father” another commented, mockingly.

The male looks like my husband with my first child hahaha” wrote one last.

  • How do I know if my dog ​​is going to give birth?

A week or a few days before whelping our female dog may show a change in behavior such as picking up toys, decreased appetite and finding a quiet place to whelp.

In the hours preceding farrowing, the female dog’s body temperature drops by 1ºC, i.e. she is between 37 and 38ºC, her vulva is edematous and her breasts have a milky secretion. She won’t want to eat and will be restless, panting and licking her vulvar area.

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