A dog chained to a lamppost in the cold receives unexpected help from a passerby

It was in the snow and hanging from a light pole that a Pitbull was discovered by a resident of the State of Michigan (United States), at the beginning of the year. The abandoned, frozen dog was taken into the care of the City of Detroit Animal Control Department. The agents are not taking off.

Will the abandonments never cease? On the other side of theAtlantica poor Pitbull fell victim to this heinous act in early 2022. Chained to a lamp post, sitting on a carpet of snow, enjoying the pungent kisses of the winter wind, with no water or food by his side: l he animal could not have survived for long if no one had untied it.

He is a passerby, answering to the name of Calvin Hannahwho discovered him and notified the animal control service of Detroit. Animal lover and happy “dad” of 3 dogs, he did not hesitate to reach out to the canine in distress.

When the victim saw the Good Samaritan, he groaned. He then relaxed a little when he received food, but still refused to be approached. To make matters worse, the necklace he was wearing was too tight on his throat. Who could have mistreated him like this?

Illustration of the article: A dog chained to a lamppost in the cold receives unexpected help from a passerby

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“It’s criminal”

Tying your dog to a lamppost outside and expecting it to survive such low temperatures is criminal “, said Mark Kumpf, director of the city’s animal control department. As reported CBS Detroitthe abandoned dog was untied and placed in a local shelter.

During a clinical examination, veterinarians noticed lesions around the animal’s neck, caused by the collar. After going through so much suffering, the Pitbull received all the care needed for its proper recovery. He was then put up for adoption. This will be an opportunity to make a fresh start and enjoy the life he deserves.

In the state of Michiganwhere the facts took place, up to 10 years in prison and a fine of 5,000 dollars (4,500 euros) hover over individuals convicted of cruelty to animals.

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