A dog does not like his kibble dry, he soaks it in water using his nose

Sometimes the croquettes can annoy the most pretentious of the house, whether because of their taste or even of their characteristic dryness.

To innovate with his food and not repeat it as usual, a dog managed to surprise thousands of people on TikTok by modifying the croquettes that his master had served him. All it took was a little water for the animal to savor the contents of its plate.

A dog does not like his kibble dry, he soaks it in water using his nose

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Young Tatiana, who is on TikTok like (@taniatornero), shared on social media the singular scene of his pet. As the video shows, the dog was about to eat his kibble when he realized that an ingredient was missing.

With his nose, the dog began to move the water from his bowl to the bowl of kibble. The dexterity of the animal surprised its mistress, who filmed his every move up close.

One user commented that she didn’t dip them herself to save the tender dog trouble. Also, she mentioned that she tried several times, but apparently the dog didn’t like someone else dipping his kibble otherwise he wouldn’t eat it.

The viral video quickly garnered over a million views.

Cybernauts immediately reacted with amusing comments:

“He makes cereal”,

“The funniest thing is that he wants to pick up the water on the ground”,

“Even the dog knows that cereal comes first“, were some of the comments.

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