A dog found at the top of Piton des Neiges, he needs a foster family

For the past few days, a dog has been alone at the top of Piton des Neiges. Volunteers want to help him and an association will take care of him. However, this association is looking for a foster family who could take in the dog temporarily.

A dog is currently at the top of the Piton des Neiges. This one is wearing a collar and its owners have not been found.

Hikers have tried to approach him, but he is fearful. The poor animal is still there to this day and it becomes imperative to help him. Volunteers volunteer to catch him, give him a tranquilizer and he will then be taken care of by an association.

The reception after the rescue

Support is provided by an association, but to date, they are looking for a foster family who could take him in. As a reminder, a foster family serves only as accommodation for the animal until it is adopted. The association bears all costs. However, it is imperative that she be able to travel in order to accompany the animal to the scheduled appointments with the veterinarian.


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