A former US “Top Chef” contestant refused entry to a restaurant because of her Birkenstocks

No sushi because of his shoes. It’s the misadventure that happened to Marjorie Meek-Bradleyfinalist of the thirteenth season of the American version of the show “Top chef”, Saturday, August 20. The very popular Shōtō restaurant in Washington, DC, said that Birkenstocks at his feet were a violation of his dress code which prohibits the wearing of flip flops, reports The Independent.

But can Birkenstocks be considered flip flops? There is a semantic conflict. On the German shoe brand’s website, the model that the customer wore, the Arizona essentials, is classified in the category “double strap sandals”. Shōtō employees considered the neon yellow sandals to be flip-flops and that the chef of the STARR restaurants therefore did not respect the dress policy of the restaurant.

According to DC Eater website, the sushi establishment requires its customers to wear “casual and elegant clothes”. We also learn that the sports outfitsswimsuits, shorts, beachwear or flip flops are not allowed” at the entrance. the restaurant has also indicated that its customers were made aware of the policy in force as soon as their reservation was confirmed, either by telephone or by email.

Reacting to the controversy, Shōtō owner Arman Naqi told the washington magazine that this situation “not'[était] not to be taken personally and, [qu’]in all honesty, [ses] teams are doing everything to be consistent”. “We make no exception, even for other professionals in the field whom we respect enormously”he added.

The creator of sushi further clarified that he “appreciated[ait] and take[ait] note of all constructive remarks” regarding the enforced dress code, but said he was “dejected to see the way other chefs have chosen to talk about it on social networks”.

“Dress codes
are problematic”

Marjorie Meek-Bradley and her restaurant friends Michael Rafidi and Danny Lee spoke in their stories instagram following the incident. Sharing the Photo of yellow Birkenstocks, Chief Lee wrote: “We were kicked out because of Marjorie’s shoes which were considered flip flops and did not meet the dress code.”

Danny Lee, owner of the Anju restaurant in the American capital, then posted a photo of his outfit on the social network: he had opted for a blue t-shirt, a yellow cap and shoes “orthopedic”.

The restaurateur then gave his opinion on the dress codes in his Instagram story: “To be honest, the reason dress codes are problematic is because it’s impossible to enforce them consistently.” “It allows thought sexistclassist, elitist and racist to guide the application of these codes.”

Marjorie Meek-Bradley then reposted this message adding: “I understand that behind this problem there is something much larger, and I hope that by shedding light on it I can help find a solution.”

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