A therapy dog ​​wins the hearts of Prince William and his wife Kate during a royal visit!

Last January, Prince William and his wife Kate visited a hospital center. There, they had a touching encounter with a future therapy dog.

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While dogs are often described as man’s best friend, they also have great potential to help us. Some accompany the police in the field, others anticipate their owner’s epileptic seizures, or assist a person with reduced mobility. There are also so-called therapy dogs. Their role ? Bring comfort, affection, and support to people in hospital or in other settings such as nursing homes or schools.

During their visit to the hospital, William and Kate met Alfie

In January, the princely couple went to the Clitheroe Community Hospital. This is an establishment located north of theEngland. They discussed various issues with hospital staff, including the pandemic.

William and kate shared some snaps of their visit on their account instagram. Among the photos, we discover a puppy namedAlfie. This endearing ball of fur is actually a future therapy dog, in full training.

The princely couple fell in love with the puppy, and gave him many hugs. The animal has a very important role since it is intended to bring comfort to the residents of the hospital. But obviously, it’s not just the patients who have benefited from this therapy. kate and William indeed emerged radiant from the moment shared with Alfie.

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Alfie is learning alongside his “big brother” Jasper

Alfie is not the only therapy dog ​​in the Clitheroe Community Hospital. There is also Jasper, a 6-year-old animal. The training of these dogs was financed by the association NHS Charities Togetheras reported News 24. William and his wife wanted to thank them for their actions, through their publication instagram.

The royal family loves dogs

If the prince and his wife were seduced by Alfie, this is not surprising. In the royal family, dogs are omnipresent. And it’s not the queen Elizabeth II who will say otherwise. His love for Corgis is well known. These dogs were also honored during the jubilee of the 70th anniversary of his coronation.

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