A zoo bear hid for 3 months that she became a mother of triplets

Omsk’s Bolsherechensky Wildlife Park is a very exciting reserve. Apart from its heavenly setting, this incredible place also contains extraordinary special animals. It is noted that in this animal exhibition site is a beautiful zoo bear called Masha. Every day, this animal tends to come out of its regular shelter to expose itself to the sun and reveal itself to park visitors. For the past few days, we have noticed that she has often hibernated in her cave. Why ? We explain to you!

This zoo bear has been acting weird for a while!

There are several varieties of animals in the Omsk park. To ensure their maintenance and nutrition, those responsible for the zoo have hired many employees. The latter have the duty to watch over and ensure the well-being of the animals in this reserve. To do this, these cleaners should be able to recognize the meaning of each species gesture held captive in this place. Such is the case of the zoo bear Masha!

This adorable furry beast is used to sunbathing every day. Since a while, she remains cloistered in her cave. It is specified that she has not even set her paws a single day outside! Could this zoo bear be sick? This is the question that constantly runs through the minds of park employees. The most amazing thing is that she chased away the male who had always shared the same cave!

The employees of the zoo are beginning to have suspicions!

For 3 months, Masha has consistently refused to come out of hiding. Everyone is bewildered by the situation. The employees do not understand what is happening to him and the visitors who come to admire him leave with disappointment. This zoo bear becomes the subject of concern for the park’s managers. Having carefully analyzed the situation, they end up coming up with a theory on the possible reasons that may prompt Masha to act in this way!

In their opinion, this zoo bear went into hibernation because she may be expecting a newborn ! It should be noted that this icy period is the favorable season for this kind of species to procreate. If their theory is correct, it also explains the fact that Masha kicked her partner out of their common cave. Females who are expecting babies become very protective! As for male bears, it is said that they are likely to eat their offspring!

Zoo bear: Masha hid that she gave birth to triplets!

This wave of uncertainty about Masha’s change created a feeling of fear for employees of the animal reserve. Moreover, they even began to feel fear to enter the cage of this zoo bear. However, they had no choice because they had to feed her! Their dreadful fear is that Masha is actually expecting babies. For this purpose, it could be stressed and dangerous!

Finally, the mystery of this zoo bear has finally been revealed! Once the cubs got big enough, Masha took them outside to experience the daylight. Indeed, Masha became the mother of adorable triplet ! If you spend one day in this zoo, consider visiting their cage to discover these little bear cubs!

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