Abandoned cat gives birth to her young on the street before meeting a good Samaritan

Rebecca, a young cat with a difficult past, learns to trust humans again. Her abandonment by her owners had indeed deeply upset her, so much so that she now refused any contact. Her offspring took their cue from mom, but the troupe flourishes day by day in her foster family.

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In early August 2022, a man residing in the state of Florida to United States discovered that a cat he used to see in his neighborhood had given birth in his garden.

The young lady, later named Rebecca, had made his reserve of wood his makeshift shelter. The individual therefore contacted the local association Animalluvr’s Dream Rescue for her to help them. Indeed, it was very complicated to approach the felines.

“It is believed that she was abandoned when her owners moved away, and she has been living on the streets ever since”explained the Good Samaritan to lovemeow.

The volunteer Nadia deployed a cage-trap filled with food to gently capture the mother. The kittens, meanwhile, hissed in fear, but were recovered without difficulty.


Rebecca no longer seemed to know the life of an indoor cat. She was terrified and attacked Nadia. However, she quickly realized that her offspring was now safe.

Her benefactress has set up a cozy corner for her in her bathroom so that she feels at ease. Moreover, the abundance of food and water allowed him to regain weight. “She eats very well. After one night she integrated the litter box and has been using it ever since”said the young woman.

The little ones, kate, Randy and Kevin, are now 3 weeks old. They have opened their eyes for a few days and are beginning to explore their environment.

“Rebecca is a very good mother and she protects her babies body and soul. But over time, it whistles less and has less of a tendency to scratch »has explained Nadia.

kate, Randy and Kevin have encountered Izzythe family dog, and have created a strong bond with him.

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The canine participates in the socialization of kittens and Rebecca. Seeing them flourish day by day is deeply moving Nadia. She explained that when they are ready, they will be put up for adoption so they never have to live outside again.


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