Adil Rami reveals why he separated from Léna Guillou… Dolly Parton releases a line of clothes for dogs…

September 1, 2022

Puff Daddy and Dr Dre reunite in the studio

The two rappers have reconciled and are recording together for the first time. Puff Daddy, founder of Bad Boy Records, reportedly even got coached by Dr Dre on how to pronounce some of the lyrics. “He’s the coach, I’m the student,” Diddy reportedly joked. The mood was upbeat and several musicians were on hand, including Jimmy Iovine, Tank, Smino, LVRN’s Justice Baiden, according to TMZ.

The newspaper understands the track will likely end up on Dre’s next album with Snoop Dogg (who was also in the building where the studio is located), as the two rap legends announced it during their Super Bowl performance in February.

Adil Rami explains why he separated from Léna Guillou

Dolly Parton Releases Dog Clothing Line, Doggy Parton

The successful country singer, actress, and author embarks on a new adventure: she creates a line of clothing and accessories for dogs, Doggy Parton. For this incursion into a somewhat particular commercial field, Dolly Parton collaborates with a specialist in the animal world, SportPet Designs. The products will first be available on and Amazon, CNN announces.

In a statement, the one who released her first record “six decades” ago called Puppy Love (The love of puppies), has not wavered in his love of animals, on the contrary: “It inspired me to create my own line of clothing, accessories, toys and other items for dogs, with a little “Dolly” touch”. The Dolly touch is not lacking in humor, because it is a blonde wig inspired by the hairstyle of the famous septuagenarian. Clothes include shirts and dresses! The toys will squeak to the delight of dogs (and masters?).

Obviously, Dolly Parton does not want to get rich with this original line of dog products: “Part of the proceeds will be donated to Willa B Farms, a shelter where animals in need find endless love. Don’t we all need it? “, concluded the friend of the beasts.

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