After Elon Musk, a surfer follows the routes of Bernard Arnault’s plane

First there was Elon Musk. Then other American billionaires, as well as Russians. All this thanks to the research of a young man of 19 who had taken it into his head to follow all their movements. But another, a Frenchman, is interested in Bernard Arnault. Said to be inspired by “ElonJet“, the account of the young American, the Instagram account “L’avion de Bernard” is starting to be more and more known on social networks. Followed by nearly 10,000 people, he follows the flights of the private jet F-GVMA of LVMH , the billionaire’s company, estimates its CO2 emissions by collecting data on OpenSkyNetwork in particular.

He also says to follow up on “the plane, not Bernard”. Last May, for example, he compiled all the data and noticed that 18 flights were carried out for forty-six hours and 176 tonnes of CO2. He also says “to want to make visible the polluting way of life of the rich”. Each time he travels by plane, a map of France is posted on the social network, as when he was in Nice on May 30, 2022, with a journey of one hour and six minutes for 3.2 tons of CO2. Recurring round trips from elsewhere between the capital and the city of the Alpes-Maritimes.

Tons of CO2

He also highlights trips to London, where “Bernard owns a 129-hectare residence via a shell company in the tax haven Jersey”, according to his words. For a Paris-London of less than an hour, it lets out 1.7 tonnes of CO2. The owner of the account also lets messages pass, such as when he recalls that to limit global warming to 2°C, “the objective is 2 tonnes of CO2 per person per year”. For Bernard Arnault, who is on a Paris-Milan flight, the balance sheet is already “3 tons”.

Jack Sweeney, the teenager who stalked Elon Musk, had also been offered by the billionaire 5,000 dollars to stop this activity, but he had refused and even asked for 50,000 dollars. He then decided to attack the movements of Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates and more recently those of the Russian oligarchs with the account “Russian Oligarch Jets”. Lately, Elon Musk has been controversial with a nine-minute private jet trip from San Francisco to San José, a doable car trip in about fifty minutes.

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