After shaking Twitter, Elon Musk attacks Netflix and the “Wokes”

Not a day goes by without a digital giant receiving a cynical comment from him. After giving Twitter cold sweats, Elon Musk attacks this time Netflix. The streaming platform is doing badly: for the first time in ten years, it recorded a loss of 200,000 users, for the first quarter of 2022. Since the announcement of this decline, Netflix’s action has plunged in New York, this who did not fail to react to the controversial director of Tesla and SpaceX.

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Under an article that evokes Netflix’s stock market crash, Elon Musk attributed this loss of speed to the “woke virus” which makes the platform “unwatchable”. Wokism, decried and particularly exploited by conservative politicians, means the inclusion and representation of people who are marginalized and discriminated against. Including the casting of films and series offered on the platform, therefore. A commitment in the era of time which does not seem to the taste of the billionaire, who openly shares the anti-woke belief of other netizens critical of Netflix.

Elon Musk, however, has several contracts with the platform, which has devoted a series and a documentary film to his work for aerospace innovation. On the Netflix side, the poor quarterly figures are explained by the influx of competition and account sharing.

Not far from spitting in the soup, Elon Musk also allows himself to severely criticize Twitter with a lot of tweets, while he has been in the capital of the blue bird since January as the majority shareholder. Since the beginning of the month, he has been shaking Twitter users and social network teams, even declaring that he wants to buy all of Twitter for 43 billion dollars.

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