After Twitter, Elon Musk attacks YouTube


The boss of Tesla has cast doubt on a hypothetical takeover of Google’s video platform.

Elon Musk, 50 years old.

After Twitter, Is YouTube also on Elon Musk’s shopping list? That’s the question Twitter users are asking after the eccentric billionaire posted an attack on Google’s video platform. YouTube is being criticized for its inability to fight a network of cybercriminals who are broadcasting fake videos of the boss of Tesla, with the aim of defrauding Internet users with fake cryptocurrency offers.

“YouTube seems to be just a succession of fraudulent advertisements,” Elon Musk tweeted on his official account. While some Internet users offered to subscribe to the paid YouTube Premium offer to no longer see advertisements on the video platform, others wondered if the idea of ​​buying it back had not germinated in the head of the boss of Tesla.

Especially since this attack recalls the strategy recently adopted by the billionaire. In March, Elon Musk criticized the management of freedom of expression on Twitterbefore making a buyout offer a month later.

Two tweets

In a follow-up tweet, the executive criticized YouTube’s inaction by sharing a meme.

These two tweets caught the attention of Internet users, some inviting him to buy YouTube to solve the problem of fraudulent advertisements.

The main interested party simply commented with an emoticon and another famous meme.


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