alcohol in a tiramisu served in the canteen angers parents

The municipality apologized, while the dessert should have contained alcohol extracts, not real alcohol.

Friday, June 10, in the Grenoble canteens, it was Italian menu. Caprese salad as a starter, pasta with salmon as a main course, and for dessert, a staple of transalpine gastronomy: tiramisu.

Seemingly keen to stick to tradition to the hilt, the company that prepares meals for the city’s school canteens has decided to incorporate alcohol into the dessert, as reported by the Dauphine Libere. It is true that the original recipe calls for adding a few spoons of Amaretto liqueur (28° all the same) to the coffee which is used to soak the biscuits.

When they receive the desserts, some municipal officials are somewhat taken aback. This is alcohol extract that would normally have been in the dessert for school children, not real alcohol.

“Officers found that the tiramisu contained alcohol and not alcohol extract, as they expected,” the official said. Dauphine Libere the Grenoble municipality.

Apologies from the town hall

In establishments where the oversight has been identified, the decision is made to withdraw the desserts. But in the others, alcoholic tiramisu is served to children. Only schoolchildren on a meatless diet are offered a substitute dessert.

Contacted by, the town hall run by the ecologist Éric Piolle did not wish to communicate the number of establishments concerned, out of the 39 primary schools that the city is responsible for. But still specifies that the alcohol was “in very small quantities”.

When they realized that their toddlers had been exposed to alcohol, some parents of students expressed their dissatisfaction at the town hall. The latter wanted to “apologize” to them.

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