an Armenian family opens their restaurant and says “a thousand times milesker” to those who have reached out to them

“Granada is our second home. It’s like on vacation. It gives us life,” explains the family, around a table where Anna has placed fruit juices, including that of the pomegranate, the emblem of Armenia, which symbolizes prosperity, fertility, longevity, life. A name found for this place where “it’s 100% happiness”, after six difficult years in France.

Suren, all smiles, does not stop explaining the specialties, the different kinds of “blitt”, these pancakes filled with mozzarella in particular. The beet-based one required five months of research and friendly and family tests, the “lavash”, these sandwiches made from the traditional wheat pancake, richly garnished with chicken, coriander, dill, onion, and others. ” It’s fresh. »

Suren Sahakyan shows photos of the making of

Suren Sahakyan shows photos of the making of “lavash”, the traditional Armenian bread.


“Like grandpa and grandma”

Since the opening of Granada on August 7, the clientele, especially from Hendaya, has been spreading the word. The ladies are snapping up jars of rose jam, and everyone is anxious to know if the restaurant will be open this winter. ” Yes. We are happy. Each person comes back with friends and so on. Granada is also a story of friendship, which has contributed to the happiness of the Sahakyans.

The family has refugee status, and was supported by the Intermovement Committee for Evacuees (Cimade), and the Bidassoa Etorkinekin migrant aid association. In the Basque Country, they found a 2e family. Two women and a man, who wish to remain anonymous, have rented an apartment in Hendaye at “low rent” and helped with “all the administration, for life. “This couple is like parents to us. We mean a thousand times milesker. » Samuil supports: « it’s like Grandpa and Grandma ».

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Suren and Anna met in Sochi (Russia) where they worked in the restaurant business. “We had an accident (of love) the first day. In 2015 the couple left a place they described as plagued by crime and where “the law was lacking”. After two years in Poitiers, Anna and Suren Sahakyan arrive in the Basque Country, where they will work for her in a bakery, for him at night at Epta France, and in temporary work. The restaurant dream has not left them. After having been unsuccessful candidates for a concession from the City of Hendaye (but congratulated for the quality of their project), they unearth premises that had been closed for six years.

At each stage, looking for a lease, a bank loan, the children prayed, on their own, for the fulfillment of family wishes. The love that emanates from the Sahakyans has won them many sympathies, and not only from heaven. The owner of the commercial premises trusted. The lease was signed on July 1. Suren and Anna worked like mad for the renovation. People passing by were saying, “It’s good you’re going to open next year. And now. They are very happy with this new place. »

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