An association puts an end to the ordeal of a Malinois left alone at home by his masters for days

For how long has this dog suffered the confinement, deprivation and unsanitary conditions of the places where he was forced to live? Days, maybe even weeks or even months. Fortunately, he is now in good hands after the intervention of the police and Action Protection Animale.

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A dog was rescued by the police and the association Action Animal Protectionafter being left alone and destitute in a house of Seine et Marnereported The Marne Wednesday, August 24.

The intervention took place on August 23 in this pavilion of Mitry Mory. Police officers from the police station Villeparisis, warned by the association which had itself been alerted by the neighborhood, acted after having obtained the approval of the prosecution. The day before, they had carried out a first observation of the premises, but could not yet enter the property without the authorization of the public prosecutor.

At one and a half years old, the Belgian Shepherd Malinois had been on his own, with no way out, and had been for a long time. His masters had probably left the accommodation several months earlier.

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Anne-Claire Chauvaincypresident ofAction Animal Protection, and his team believe that neighbors had taken to feeding him through a broken window. This is what would have allowed the quadruped to hold on despite the atrocious conditions in which it found itself.

The speakers were indeed shocked by the amount of excreta strewing the floors and the terrible smell characterizing the house.

The dog placed in foster care, a complaint filed by APA

The Malinois will no longer have to undergo this from now on, since he has been entrusted to ABS, then to a host family. It may be proposed for adoption as soon as a judgment is rendered.

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In the meantime, he gets all the attention he needs. He is treated for irritations and infections favored by the insalubrity of his environment, specifies The Marne. Its owners, they will have to answer to the investigators of the police and justice, the association having filed a complaint for voluntary abandonment.

Another rescue for APA, which works every day to help animals in distress through a variety of actions. We think in particular of Confidences ยป, the solidarity comic strip launched in partnership with Woopets.


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