An exotic spider travels with bananas and ends up in a supermarket near Toulouse


The spider of more than 10 centimeters traveled in a parcel of bananas from Ghana

Employees of a supermarket located in Castelnau-d’Estr├ętefonds, near Toulouse, had a funny surprise on Monday when they opened a package of bananas from Ghana. A large exotic spider of 10 centimeters has indeed made the trip with the fruits.

As our colleagues from 20 Minutes report, it would be a representative of the Heteropoda Venatoria species, also called the Babouk spider and well known to the inhabitants of Reunion Island.

If the species is not venomous, its bite can be very painful. The discovery of the arachnid led to the mobilization of five firefighters on the spot.

The spider was entrusted to the specialized clinic of the National Veterinary School of Toulouse.

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