Anal sex toy, accusations of cheating and Elon Musk: the world of chess offers itself a controversy as funny as it is stupid

Very quickly, suspicions of cheating fell on the young American and crazy rumors appeared. One of them even spread the rumor thathe would have used a vibrating sex toy inserted into his anus and operated remotely by an accomplice.

Elon Musk gets involved

All this even caught the attention ofElon Musk. He tweeted a quote attributed to philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer: “Talent hits a target no one else can hit. The genie hits a target no one can see (because it’s in your heart..)The businessman, who was recently accused of sleeping with the Google co-founders’ wife, later deleted his tweet.

I know I’m clean

Since his tweet, which literally turned the chess world upside down, Magnus Carlsen remains silent and no evidence of cheating has come out.

I know I’m clean. If they want me to take all my clothes off, I’ll do it, I don’t care“, said Hans Niemann during a post-match interview on the Tournament Channel, in which he ended up finishing seventh out of nine.

So simple shot or real cheat? Case to follow

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