Anthony Delon denounces the massacre of a shark on a beach by two men

It is an unbearable video that a furious Anthony Delon relayed on his Instagram page: we see two young men dragging a living shark by the tail, before subjecting it to real torture on the beach of New Smyrna in Florida, according to Fox 35 Orlando.

Then we hear a woman [non visible à l’écran et qui a filmé la scène d’horreur] ask them to stop and put it back in the sea, but they remain deaf to his pleas. They join their deckchairs with the animal to which they stab several times then leave it to agonize and writhe in pain. The young woman published the video to denounce the atrocity of the situation that she could not prevent.

Harmless to humans

“Look at these two in…..”, posted the actor in the caption of the video, made viral by the journalist Louis Aguirre who asked as many people as possible to share the images in order to denounce this practice.

Sharks are protected, including great white sharks, whale sharks, basking sharks, and sawfish. The animal tortured by the two individuals is a blacktip shark, a species harmless to humans and on the global red list of endangered species according to the INPN.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission told Fox 35 Orlando that it had seen the video, but that it was “widespread practice” to euthanize a beached shark that is not against the law. No investigation has therefore been opened against the two men.

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