Arinthod. Their journey with a mule, a pony and dogs

Leaving for a ten-day hike, Brigitte and Jean-Louis, coming from Isère, started their journey from Journans, in Ain. Volcan, a Comtois crossbred mule, Tango a double fjord pony and Broussaille and Verveine, two border-collie dogs accompany them.

Brigitte alternated between walking and strolling on Volcan, with its impressive size, and Jean-Louis, meanwhile, did everything on foot, holding Tango, the well-laden pack pony, on a lanyard. The two dogs followed carefree on foot, too happy with this long walk.

They particularly appreciate the Jura and the Petite Montagne

They traveled 15 to 20 km a day, before taking long breaks in order to spare all their cavalry. Le Progrès met the couple on the Place de la Poste, in Arinthod, where they were doing their daily supply.

Their raid led them to pass by Mont Myon, Vergongeat, Andelot, Pimorin, the Enon stone and Arinthod, they then planned to continue their hike stopping at Caborne du Bœuf, then Bohas, in Ain, before joining their vehicle in Journans.


“We are in total autonomy, we have everything with us and in the evening we set up the tent and park our horses. We had some great encounters and will be back soon for a longer journey and still in the Jura, a region that we particularly appreciate. »

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