AS Monaco Ligue 1 LIVE: Follow the match with us

Alright, let’s leave it at that for tonight. Good evening, good night, good week, kisses, all that.

Paris remains leader thanks to a goal difference of +89373894 but has the same number of points as OM and Lens (10). Monaco is 12th but should not stay in this place for long.

PSG are not doing so badly. Admittedly, Galtier’s men dominated the second half, but they messed up their first half hour so badly that they deserved no better. And what a catastrophic match from Kylian Mbappé. Rare enough to be underlined.

96th: IT’S OVER! Draw 1-1! PSG lose points but not their invincibility.

94th : GENERAL FIGHT ALERT! Nice ad for the upcoming UFC event in Paris.

93rd : Very nice Parisian combination on a decisive free kick (no).

91st : Well it starts again, no one is dead, everything is fine.

90th : Four minutes of additional time. Finally, a little more saw the intervention of doctors.

89th : Oh dear, he doesn’t look good at all on Sarabia ground there. I didn’t see who butchered him but he seems to be in pain from where I am.

88th: Entry of Mukiele and Sarabia.

87th : Messi out, Marquinhos too.

86th : Yellow card for Verratti. Pleonasm.

85th : Strike blocked by Messi. Corner.


82nd : Improbable false-rhythm which was installed for a few minutes there. There are ten minutes left to play guys, you know, huh?

80th : Mbappé when he is in sulky mode like that he is unbearable.

77th : The tactical plans of the two teams are holding less and less, it’s starting to get crazy. I take out the popcorn in the press box.

74th : And a 170th post for the road, this time for Ashraf. Who’s Next?

72nd : Not crazy at all Mbappé today. The story of Paul Pogba’s marabout, I’ll end up believing it.

71st : I don’t want to play the football expert, but isn’t this the turning point of the game?

69th: GOAL FROM NEYMAR! Nubel doesn’t even move, hypnotized. 1-1!

68th: Neymar heads for the penalty spot! Mbappé loses interest in the ball. 20 Minutes n°1 on gossip (on the Lottins in this case).


66th : The Park rumbles, shower of insults from the Auteuil bend for the referee.

65th: Neymar collapses in the Monaco area! No foul, says the referee!

63rd : Ah it’s cruel for Akliouche who leaves after entering. Well he took a yellow but we feel that it annoys him. Minamino replaces him.

63′: Renato Sanches comes out and his compatriot Danilo Pereira replaces him.

59th: NEYMAR! Nubel came out badly, finally less badly than Donnarumma, and Neymar took his chance from very far with the left foot. Not framed.

58th: RENATO SANCHES! The Portuguese takes a first intention a ball that trailed in front of the surface and his shot goes juuuust wide. Before that, Messi had stumbled into the Monaco defense trying to sneak in a pocket square.

56th : Mbappé, when he lacks lucidity, he does not pretend to be wrong in his choices in the area. Lack of relevance on the part of the Parisian striker since the start of the match in his choice of passes.

54th : Verratti, even when the referee whistles in favor of PSG he finds a way to complain. Exceptional.

52nd : Ah, Renato Sanches wakes up! Big shoulder shot from daron to recover a ball in the 25 meters Monegasque. And more balls touched also for the former Lille.

49th : Kyky is doing too much there though. He forces his luck and largely misses the target.

48th: MBAPPON! Oh the hook followed by a shot from the right into the area, it was nice but not enough to deceive Nubel.

47th: OH BUT DONNARUMMA WHAT IS THIS RELEASE? Catastrophic output of Gigio, fortunately for him the distant attempt of WBY does not find the frame but it was nonsense. Feverish, the Italian.

46th: Here we go again! And already a corner for Monaco.

Some stats from this 1st MT: PSG shot 6 times but only shot once. Monaco scored their three shots. In terms of possession, it’s 65-35 for PSG.

45th: It’s half-time at the Parc des Princes! Monaco are making the perfect move at the break so far. PSG woke up in the last ten minutes of the first period, hitting the post twice, but failed to come back to score.

45th : Four minutes of additional time.

44th: LEO POST THE RETURN! The Argentinian praline comes crashing down on the left post of the Monegasque goalkeeper, and double dose of post since the recovery of Mbappé just behind also fails on the post, right this time.

43rd: OOOOOH IT’S HEATING IN FRONT OF THE MONEGASQUE GOALS! Ramos thinks he’s a beach soccer player and tries a kickback in the area but misses. Ah, finally he was offside.

42nd : Hey sorry Lionel??? How do you keep the ball there? The bug was in the equivalent of Parisian student accommodation in Stalingrad and he managed to get out of it.

40th : Akliouche takes a yellow for a foul on Kimpembe.

38th : The Monegasques save time in the 38th minute, therefore. Why not, it’s never too early after all.

37th : Oh the treat of Nuno Mendes on his left side. How do I love him.

36th : Mbappé takes his chance from 25 meters without much momentum. No problem for Nubel.

35th : The man of the match is Vitinha, even without playing. Verratti can’t find anyone in the middle when he has the ball.

33rd: Ouuuuh the tap of Donnarumma who uses his 18m92 extension to avoid 2-0

32nd : Renato Sanches concedes a dangerous free kick in front of his own area. First catastrophic period for the Portuguese international.

31st : Another back pass from Neymar in the Monegasque feet which could have cost a dangerous counter. The Parisians are neither inspired nor on their feet.

30th : I completely forgot to tell you that Volland was injured just after his goal. Cruel.

28th : Nice work from Neymar who feints twice before striking at the entrance to the surface. But his attempt is countered by a Monegasque leg.

25th : Ok, Nubel makes a Neuer outing in front of Mbappé before making a quiet pass to his side. Nothing can happen to ASM tonight.

24th : Incredible how strawberries Parisians are. Mentally, I feel like I’m seeing the same thing as against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu.

21st : And like every time the PSG is behind or it goes badly, Neymar goes crazy. He dabs a Monegasque while ASM went against.

19′: Volland is launched deep to the limit of offside and resists very well to the return of Kimpembe before adjusting Donnarumma. A class action from the German.


18th : Mbappé has just attempted two consecutive crosses in the area for the head of Lionel Messi, renowned for his size as a basketball player.

15th : Hakimi who is trying to accelerate on his lane, I find that he has a bit of the cart at the start of the match whereas it is usually the Ariane rocket.

14th : Renato Sanchers quite ordinary for the moment.

12th : Oh, Messi’s first shot and the body feint that goes with it is a quality kick. Worthy of young Leo. Good after Mbappé does anything behind.

10th : It’s a game of chess smoothly led by the Monegasques. Tactically it’s clean.

8th : Incredible to say but Nübel still hasn’t seen the shadow of a balloon. Paris is cornered.

6th : Ouuuuh the disagreement between Gigio and his defense which almost leads to a dumpling on a Monegasque free kick. Fortunately for Paris, the referee had whistled a little before that.

4th : The ASM succeeds well in hindering the Parisian revival but in terms of finding WBY and Volland it is more complicated. It’s a midfield battle, isn’t it Arsene?

3rd : The Monegasques play high, they don’t allow themselves to be intimidated. But how long can it last?

1st: Still no goal for PSG. The beginning of the crisis?

1st: IT’S PARTIIII IN THE PARK IN A GREAT ATMOSPHERE (finally only side Auteuil).

8:40 p.m .: And the Monegasque composition, of course.

8:37 p.m .: PSG composition point. Renato Sanches holder, Sergio Ramos axial central defender.

8:35 p.m.: Yo family! I’m in place at the Park, sorry for the slight delay, little problem in transport, we don’t say thank you for the operating incident of line 14.

Rarely has a Paris – Monaco seemed so unbalanced. Even deprived of (suspended), the club of the capital already seems untouchable, at least in France. The only team with three wins in three L1 days, for only three conceded in the league, after a scathing 4-0 against Nantes in the Champions Trophy.

Opposite, Monaco is looking for itself (a victory, a draw and a defeat) and remains on a shipwreck at Louis-II against Lens. Elimination against PSV Eindhoven in the 3rd preliminary round of the Champions League still seems to have trouble passing.

>> Because PSG is putting on a show at the start of the season, and Monaco is still a great team despite everything, we meet around 8 p.m.

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