Associations and veterinarians denounce these videos where cats are harassed for likes on social networks

The race for likes and shares on social networks at the expense of the well-being of cats is a growing concern among animal protection actors. In the United Kingdom, associations and veterinarians are sounding the alarm in the face of the resurgence of challenges where felines are under stress.

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Stop challenges TikTok making life difficult for cats! This is, in essence, the message that animal welfare charities and veterinary associations send to owners, reports the DailyMail this Monday, June 27.

More and more people are exploiting their feline friends in videos posted on social media to get maximum likes, shares and comments. If some of these sequences are funny, touching and without risk for the animals concerned, others are worth a lot of unnecessary suffering. Their authors will do anything to get their videos going viral, including ridiculing their cats and stressing them out.

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Cat Protectiona British association based in London and founded 95 years ago, points to this trend. His spokesperson madison rogers even speaks of cruelty. ” Some of the things people do are cruel to animalsshe says about it. Even though it’s a 30 second clip, it’s not normal for the cat to be under this stress. We shouldn’t be using them to get likes on social media “.


Duet this with your pet! ???? #pettapchallenge #cattachchallenge #funnycatvideos #weirdpets

? Baile Incredible – ????

The veterinarian thus evokes the cat tap challenge », consisting in giving faster and faster slaps to his animal following the rhythm of music. In one of these videos (other than the one posted above), the quadruped, pushed to the limit, ” turns around and tries to attack them. They think it’s funny, but they harass their cat “, Explain madison rogers.

Recently, we told you about this other challenge TikTok where we film the reaction of the cats after having placed an ice cube on them. An equally unpleasant and anxiety-provoking situation for them.

??????????? pt.2/2 #icecube #catsoftiktok #challenge

? original sound – Mochi ????

Without forgetting the sequences showing cats being frightened with all sorts of objects, such as cucumbers.

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Unacceptable behavior

This behavior is unacceptablecontinues the Dr Rogers. There are many enjoyable ways to interact with the cat through play, which is much more challenging and fun for him. »

Justine ShottonPresident of the Association of British Veterinarians (BVA), does not hide his concern about this irresponsible attitude displayed by the masters in question. ” We love to see funny videos of happy, relaxed cats behaving naturally, she says, but we strongly advise owners not to scare or stress animals for the sole purpose of attracting attention on social media “.


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