Atletico: Griezmann deadlocked

Back at a decent level, Antoine Griezmann (31 years old, 3 appearances and 2 goals in La Liga this season) must however be chomping at the bit. Indeed, the French striker finds himself embroiled in a war of nerves between the leaders of FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid who are still unable to reach an agreement for his final transfer.

Loaned for two seasons, the tricolor world champion will be automatically recruited for 40 million euros, the amount of his purchase option, if he plays 50% of the matches with the capital club. Since the start of the exercise, he has been satisfied with three entries into the game with less than half an hour in the legs knowing that a match is counted as being played … from 45 minutes . Officially, he therefore did not play a single match in August.

According to L’Equipe, this situation necessarily weighs on the morale of the Blue, who is waiting for guarantees on his playing time for the coming weeks, as the World Cup in Qatar approaches. A late pressure as the transfer window closes Thursday night. It is therefore on the bench that Griezmann could start most of his matches.

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