Australian woman pockets $10.5 million after mistake

An employee of the trading platform entered the user’s account number in the payment amount field.

This is a careless mistake that is costing the company dearly. An employee of the cryptocurrency exchange platform inadvertently sent nearly $10.5 million to one of its Australian users, instead of the $70 refund she requested, reports the daily The Guardian. The platform employee mistakenly entered the Thevamanogari Manivel user’s account number in the payment amount field, which therefore corresponded to 10474143.

Although this accidental transaction dates back to May 2021, management only discovered the error nine months later, during an external audit of the company’s funds. The case recently became public as the company decided to sue Thevamanogari Manivel in the Australian Supreme Court, in order to recover the funds.

The judge in charge of the case discovered in recent weeks that the user had spent a good part of the 10.5 million dollars to acquire a luxury mansion in the suburbs of Melbourne. She would then have transferred the property to her sister who resides in Malaysia. The rest of the funds would have been distributed thereafter between various accounts of relatives of Thevamanogari Manivel.

Summoned several times, the Australian never appeared before the judge and she never responded to requests from’s lawyers sent by email. The Supreme Court judge now orders the freezing of all the bank accounts concerned.

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