Dash 2 Trade, the ideal platform for crypto traders

Disclaimer: The Industry Talk section features the views of industry players. cryptocurrencies. It is not part of the contents Cryptonews.com editorial. As defunct exchange FTX continues bankruptcy proceedings, a new trading-focused altcoin is seeing growing interest in its pre-sale. This is Dash 2 Trade (D2T), a smart trading platform based on Ethereum. Its goal is … Read more

A Unique Cryptocurrency Trading Robot –

It is practically impossible to imagine the modern world without Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Solana and cryptocurrencies in general. However, ten years ago, it was hard to imagine that people would pay tens of thousands of dollars for Bitcoin. This article is not about the history of globally known cryptocurrencies; This article is about cryptocurrency trading … Read more

Binance’s BNB, big beneficiary of the FTX sinking? +300% trading volume

Exchanges in turmoil – After the FTX platform, new exchanges like Bybit are under pressure. The CEX (centralized exchanges) being in turmoil, other solutions are put forward. Among the alternatives of centralized exchanges, it is possible to try the decentralized exchange experience as with the dYdX platform. Did the Binance Coin weaken after the FTX … Read more

How to Improve Your Bitcoin Trading Skills

Trading is today an activity that many practice. However, only a few investors with in-depth knowledge can achieve greater profits. To become an expert trader, you must have knowledge and skills. Without this knowledge and skills, you will not be able to trade for the long term. Technology also helps improve overall business performance. Many … Read more

when market manipulation affects NFTs

Marketplaces with distorted transaction volumes, collections with inflated prices, the NFT market still has to deal with dubious practices. In the traditional finance sector, market manipulation consists of carrying out operations whose consequences will distort the information intended for the players in the ecosystem. In a regulated sector, this type of practice is reprimanded. Still … Read more

Dow Jones: correction risk dominates below 34,000

Wall Street is marking time after a major rebound of 20% in 3 weeks US stock markets are marking time in the short term after three strong weeks of gains, particularly the Dow Jones which rebounded 17% from its October low. Stock markets benefited from investor speculation of possible less-than-expected monetary tightening from the Fed … Read more

USD/JPY: the dollar returns to test major support at 139 yen

USD/JPY stabilizes after US inflation-driven drop The price of USD/JPY has fallen in recent weeks to return to test major support at 139. Despite the monetary policy differential in favor of the dollar, USD/JPY has fallen 8% since its peak on October 21 following somewhat less hawkish rhetoric from some Fed members and encouraging signs … Read more