The wolf is present in 10 departments of Occitania: “Hunting it… it’s so clever, I don’t believe it”

the essential Stealth animal is fast, wolf has strong dispersal power. Arrived in France by the Alps in 1992, he gained 10 of the 13 departments of Occitanie, region which would currently shelter between 12 and 15 individuals. Louis-Gérard d’Escrienne, the deputy regional director of the OFB, French Office for Biodiversity, explains what this means … Read more

Burger King France must change the name of the Whooper after a bet lost against a twittos

Burger King France has launched a challenge to Arkunir: 100,000 retweets so that he gets a sandwich in his name. And fast food lost. Definitely, Arkunir likes insurmountable challenges. The twittos, which is approaching 400,000 subscribers, and which already has some nice shots to its credit, made Burger King France bend after a bet this … Read more

The Dining Room, in Fourvière

As part of the “New impetus for Fourvière”, the Apprentis d’Auteuil carry the social dimension of the project. A restaurant that gives young people in difficulty a chance. When, in 1819, the English scholar and linguist John Hughes stopped at Fourvière, during atrip to France, he marveled at the esplanade which, he wrote, “(…) on … Read more

VIDEO. The wolf is gaining ground in Occitania: breeders in 10 departments now risk predation

the essential The Hautes-Pyrénées with certainty and the Lot with a high probability have just been added to the list of eight departments of Occitanie where wolves have eaten sheep in recent years. Arrived from Italy in 1992, the animal protected by Europe crossed the threshold of viability in 2018. There were 624 in France … Read more

Thierry Marx rages against low-cost food

This Saturday June 25, 2022, Thierry Marx was the guest of Éric Dussart and Jade in We are redoing TV on RTL. During this interview, the chef ranted against the dangers of low-cost food. Thierry Marx continues to denounce low-cost food. guest on RTLthe former juror of Top chef first confided in his journey strewn … Read more