Spot, the funny robot-dog who watches over the ruins of Pompeii

AFP, published on Friday, June 10, 2022 at 4:36 p.m. Under the intrigued eyes of many tourists, a robot dog wanders through the alleys of the famous archaeological site of Pompeii. Called Spot, this friendly animal with a lanky gait is not even afraid of the torrential rains that hit Italy this week. The children, … Read more

Ultra-processed foods in search of a reliable classification

News Posted 2 hours ago, Reading 3 mins. Ultra-processed foods (UTCs) get a bad rap. And for good reason: they would be involved in the occurrence of certain chronic diseases. Problem, the definition of these TUEs is debated. Over the past ten years, ultra-processed foods (UTS), which have found their way into our supermarkets and … Read more

News Cameroon :: Trading: Subscribers on the heels of perfect Emile Simb :: Cameroon news

The promoter of Global Investment Trading was arrested on May 26 in Douala for fraud and breach of trust. He left Cameroon under unclear conditions. Investigation. Where did Emile Parfait Simb go? Released under bail following an arrest on May 26, the promoter of Liyep Limal, a cryptocurrency platform, reportedly left Cameroon a few days … Read more

Why organic products no longer work

DECRYPTION – In mass distribution, which has helped to democratize organic, sales fell by 3.9% in 2021. Specialty stores are not spared. Trees don’t soar to the sky…even when they’re organic. For years, distributors have supported the extraordinary growth of organic in France. The sector was accustomed to records and double-digit growth. Today, the same … Read more