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I may have stopped competing… But I will never stop moving forward, with the same desire to do more, and always be better.” These words come from the mouth of Usain Bolt, 8 Olympic medals in the sprint category to his credit and Avatrade ambassador, as he pretends to jump into the void from a plane in full flight, for an advertising spot for the Internet platform of trading.

The image is strong. With Russia entering the war against Ukraine, which has caused great volatility in the markets, the rise in energy prices and its severe impact on inflation, the image of the free fall could be frightening. more than one. However, with the CFD broker AvaTrade, the opposite is happening.

react quickly

Founded in 2006, Avatrade is an online trading platform. Clearly, it is a broker, an intermediary between the individuals who connect to it and the various financial markets on which they will go to sell or buy financial assets. Thus, Avatrade gives them access to many stock market instruments (such as CFDs, Forex currency exchange, crypto-currencies, etc., …) and executes their orders.

In a delicate context, where it is difficult to be precise and to anticipate the prices, Avatrade makes the difference with the other brokers thanks to the reactivity which it allows. Anchored in its time, the platform offers many tools to follow, learn about the markets and protect its trades. Reacting quickly but well is the key to success on the stock market.

Innovative features

Four functions have been developed by Avatrade.


Increasingly advanced technologies promote the democratization of trading, which thus becomes accessible even to the uninitiated. They allow traders to carry out their transactions via their smartphone. A revolution, which allows both to follow the markets and to continue its activities without office, nor interminable conversations. It is in this dynamic of autonomy that Avatrade launched its mobile app called AvatradeGo. His characteristics? An intuitive interface and above all investment trends, in the form of stock charts and asset lists, so that you always know precisely where the prices are and never miss an opportunity.

2-Copy Trading

Do you feel that you need advice to make the right investment choices? But no one around you is able to see help. Avatrade allows you, thanks to Copy Trading, to model your trading strategy on those of the best traders on the platform. An accessible solution thanks to Duplitrade (which offers a supplier of strategies to follow, among several players in innovative and all different money management) or Zulutrade.


These days, this tool, created in 2020, is revolutionary in terms of crisis management. What is it used for? To protect a specific trade against losses of up to one million dollars, in exchange for hedging fees which depend on the duration chosen. This functionality, valid on Forex, Gold and Silver, is useful for those who wish to trade the news and hedge during events such as the current conflict in Ukraine.


It is possible thanks to this functionality to forge tailor-made strategies. The world of options trading is yours, by taking a position on around 40 currency pairs, while managing your risks with rigor and precision, in particular thanks to a stimulator provided on the platform.

Are you one of those who think that periods of uncertainty, like the one we are currently experiencing, can be favorable to stock market investments? Then discover Avastrade, the international trading platform, regulated and rewarded, for connected traders.

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