Back to school: why your dog may need a check-up when you return from vacation?

During the summer, your dog may have contracted fleas, ticks or other viruses. This is why the start of the school year is a good time to take stock of your physical and mental health. Because yes, the back-to-school blues can also affect 4-legged friends.

When you return from vacation, the first instinct is to check that your pet has not been contaminated by parasites such as worms or fleas. “Summer is also the great August period”, explains the 30 million friends Foundation. “Small orange-red mites, they attach themselves to the skin of our animals and cause severe itching and inflammation. It is therefore essential to inspect their coat carefully.”

Vomiting or diarrhoea, even irregularly, can be the manifestation of contamination. In any case, remember to deworm your dog. And since this gesture must be practiced four times a year, you might as well choose the start of the school year.

Post-holiday depression?

If your animal has accompanied you to the south of France, Spain or Italy, it may have been infected with sandflies which transmit leishmaniasis. Skin lesions, deterioration of his general state of health (weight loss, dejection)… These symptoms should alert you. They can also occur months after infection.

For those who have gone abroad with their dog, especially in tropical countries, above all do not stop the treatments prescribed for prevention before leaving on vacation. Logically your veterinarian will have informed you.

Finally, just like us, dogs are also victims of the back-to-school blues. It is sometimes difficult for them to be alone all day after frolicking in the fresh air and being surrounded by the whole family. It is therefore essential to spend time with him and to multiply the sessions of games on weekends.

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