Bad news, the price of company restaurants could soon increase, here’s why

The collective catering sector has not been spared by the price increases of recent months. War in Ukraine, post-Covid economic recovery… The causes are many and the solutions few.

This is a new increase which the employees would have done well. Not that of wages but that of the price of company catering. Due to the general rise in prices, particularly in the food sector, companies in charge of meals will be forced to push prices up.

“The Inflation Disaster”

Since the post-Covid economic recovery and after the start of the war in Ukraine, consumer prices have been boosted. The increases are endless whether in energy or on the food side. Like meat, the price of which has soared for several months. Likewise, catering businesses face the push in the cost of fixed costs. Energy is strongly impacted with ever increasing bills.

“We thought that 2022 would mark the return of profitability, but we now have to face the catastrophe of inflation. For us, it’s 300,000 euros more electricity this year”, says Emmanuel Saulou, director of the company. Restoria, specialized in the production of meals at West France.

A lasting crisis

To cope with these increases, the catering sector for professionals is forced to renegotiate contracts with companies. However, these negotiations take place on a fixed date. But the situation demands urgent action. “The current inflationary crisis is settling in over time, so it requires the co-contractors to reopen negotiations to take charge of these economic contingencies”, explains Esther Kalonji, general delegate of the National Union of Collective Catering (SNRC ) at Capital.

A revaluation of around 7% would be acceptable to the representative. However, one question remains unanswered: who will bear the cost of this new increase? The final choice will be up to companies that delegate the production of meals to other companies. The latter may decide to absorb the increases or pass them on to the employees.

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