Balenciaga deletes its Twitter account following the takeover by Elon Musk

Is a wave of account deletions to be feared on Twitter? As revealed by the very serious English magazine Business of Fashion, Balenciaga has just deleted his Twitter account. The fashion house, which recently ended its partnership with Kanye West, is one of the first major fashion brands to take the plunge by turning its back on the social network now run by Elon Musk. While it counted nearly a million subscribers a few days ago, the company which belongs to the luxury group Kering simply closed its Twitter page named Balenciaga. On the American site, we can now read: “This account does not exist”.

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Gigi Hadid also absent

On November 4, another figure in the industry had also left the platform. Describing Twitter as a “well of hatred and fanaticism” and not hiding his reservations about Elon Musk’s new strategy, Gigi Hadid announced his departure from the social network on his Instagram account. to make the platform a vector of freedom of expression, had taken a stand in favor of the return of Donald Trump and other personalities previously banned by Twitter.For Elon Musk, all currents of thought must coexist fairly on the social network. A strategy far from being shared by advertisers who fear a drop in moderation on the site, with a potential deleterious effect on certain brands which would be associated with hateful content or misinformation. already suspended their advertising campaigns on the social network.

Only a few days after taking the helm of the platform, Elon Musk has been busy with a series of shocking announcements, such as his desire to charge for the famous “blue badge” which attests to the public nature of a person (at using an $8 subscription). Before taking action by putting half of the employees at the door because Twitter would apparently lose up to “four million dollars a day” in turnover, according to the words of the billionaire.


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