Barbecue “symbol of virility”? For Roussel, “we eat meat according to what we have in our wallet, not in our underwear”

The national secretary of the Communist Party says he prefers to focus on the purchasing power of the French to buy meat than on recent controversies.

“Frankly, you’re not going to talk to me about the sex of cutlets anyway!”. This is how Fabien Roussel reacted to the controversy launched by Sandrine Rousseau on the barbecue, considered by the deputy as a “symbol of virility. Invited on Europe 1 on Tuesday, the communist leader estimated that “some do the buzz” with this type of subject

“For me,” replied Fabien Roussel, who has already had several controversies with the ecofeminist on food issues“we eat meat according to what we have in the wallet, and not according to what we have in our panties or in our underwear”.

“Access to good food”

During a round table organized on the occasion of the Summer universities of his political training in Grenoble Saturday August 27, Sandrine Rousseau had affirmed that it was necessary “to change mentality so that eating a steak cooked on a barbecue is no longer a symbol of virility”. This had not failed to provoke multiple reactions within the political class.

A non-subject for Fabien Roussel, who claims to have always defended “access to good food, gastronomy, and in particular to French products from French breeding”.

He also invited “everyone to come and share the barbecues and the good meals of the Huma Festival on September 9, 10 and 11”.

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