Barcelona: Man arrested for trespassing in zoo’s elephant enclosure

The elephants at Barcelona Zoo received an unexpected visit on Monday.

An individual broke into the enclosure of the Barcelona zoo elephants. The facts took place this Monday morning, around ten o’clock, when the doors of the animal park opened, as reported by the Catalan daily El Periodico. It is then that the zoo employees discover that a man has managed to infiltrate the space reserved for the pachyderms.

How did he manage to get into the enclosure?

Unable to get the individual out, they decide to alert the Mossos d’Esquadra. The police finally manage to immobilize and evacuate the individual who was transferred to a hospital center in the city because of his unusual state of excitement. Neither the man nor Bully, Yoyo and Susi, the three zoo elephants, were injured. Zoo authorities still do not know how the individual ended up in the elephant enclosure.

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