Because of Elon Musk, Doja Cat is stuck with a seriously bad tweet

Another episode in the series “Elon Musk is breaking Twitter“. In great genius, the new boss of Twitter has decided to charge 8 dollars per month to have the Grail: the coveted blue badge signifying, until now in any case, the certification of the account.

Result of the races: a horde of fake Elon Musk certified invaded the platform of the blue bird. A frankly obvious trap. So Elon, probably huffing, punched his fist and took drastic action; if you are certified, you can no longer change your tweetname at all costs. Kind really.

But here it is, Doja Cat, in great humor, has still decided to change her username to… Christmas. Except that with Elon, the rule is the rule. Doja Cat can no longer change her name and is now begging Mr. Musk for help.

His plea for help reads: “I don’t want to be ‘Christmas’ forever, please Elon Musk, help me.”
Poor Doja. Uh… Christmas…

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