bedridden and weighing 215 kilos, Damian decided to change his life!

During his youth, Damian was regularly called a “fat dyslexic pig” by his comrades. The reason ?

Every day he had made a habit of eating hamburgers and fries at McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch and supper. Because of this very particular diet that lasted 14 years, this 31-year-old Australian remained bedridden after reaching the incredible weight of 215 kilos. In total, it is estimated that he spent €166,000 on hamburgers and fries… before undergoing a bypass and losing 127 kg.

When he weighed 215 kilos, Damian was unable to shower, dress himself or even get out of his car, tell our colleagues from the Daily Mirror. And his weekly consumption of €230 at McDonald’s fueled the cruel mockery of his comrades who notably called him a “big dyslexic pig”.

Raised by a single mother, he found his first job at 14 at McDonalds. This money he earned in the restaurant, he spent on food. Problem: quickly, his weight gain became… uncontrollable.

“Everything I did revolved around food,” Damian told the Daily Mirror. “I was spending around €28 a day. At the time, it seemed cheaper than shopping and it was just easier than getting takeout.”

A kind of comfort

Ever since he was a teenager, food had been like a blanket of comfort for Damian and was the one he turned to when times were tough. “When I liked a girl and I approached her to let her know that I liked her, she replied: ‘Damian, you’re nice, but I don’t like fat people.’ It was from that moment that I understood that my weight was a problem”, explains Damian. “I was called names and the only way to deal with that was to laugh it off and act like their words didn’t hurt me. But when I found myself alone, I ate and ate to make myself happy…”

As an adult, due to his obesity, Damian developed terrible back problems. Unable to stand for more than a few minutes, he was bedridden, venturing only into the bathroom and the refrigerator.

“I didn’t pay my bills and spent my money on McDonald’s instead,” he adds. “My usual meal was a Maxi Menu Royal Cheese with extra cheese, a chocolate milkshake, two double-cheeseburgers and a pack of six McNuggets. My life has completely stopped. I watched TV all day and dreamed of living the life of these people, but my reality was being 34 and living in my bed waiting to die. »

From 215 to 88 kilos

It was while watching a program on television that Damian wanted to change his life. “It was seeing bedridden people change their lives thanks to bariatric surgery that I made an appointment with my doctor, who referred me to a surgeon,” he explains. “Between the appointment and the operation, only about two months passed, which was very fast. »

Damian opted to have a mini-bypass surgery, which cost him around €15,000, and has since undergone skin removal surgery, which cost him €27,300. In two and a half years, his weight went from 215 to 88 kilos.

“The hardest part of this operation is the mental side,” he said. “I may have had surgery to change my body, but they didn’t operate on my brain. So I still have the same thoughts, but I think that will change over time. My life is now full of love, adventure, confidence. I have no negative thoughts about myself and the world”.

Damian has chosen to share his change in life and physique on Instagram, where he receives encouragement. He also does not hesitate to testify in conferences to encourage other people who are in the same situation.

“The best feedback I’ve received is when people say to me, ‘You look so much happier in yourself and it shows,’ he always explains to the Mirror. “My advice is that if you need help saving your life or living a better life, don’t wait another day. »


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