Beer is old fashioned, make way for the “vière” of the Gallia Paris brewery!

By Audrey L. Posted Aug 7, 2022 2:34 PM

The “vière” is the new beer-wine hybrid drink developed by the artisanal brewery Gallia Paris. A modern and creative concept to restore the image of beer, to discover at the Gallia bar in Pantin or during a private tour of the production site right next door!

Finish the beer old-fashioned, up to the lives ! The hybrid concept of beer-wine was recently launched by the craft brewery Gallia Paris, located at Puppet. Taste-wise, it is a beer with the recognizable characteristics of wine.

In the place of production of GalliaRémy, the brewer, begins the revolution of beer, by shaking up the dusty codes of the “booze”, to make room for creative experimentation. Then appear “modern” beers, with character, with an affinity for French terroirs. Tired of the classic and non-flattering image of beer, the craftsman decided to add a sexy-chic touch to it by combining it with wine, a nobler beverage. There “lives” was born! The drink is available in several “varieties”, among others, Merlot, Muscat and Pinot Noirto be enjoyed at bar or shop online.

Extra stuff:

  • the unique concept of “creative” beers, made in Paris
  • the bar or rather the tap roomi.e. the place where a brewery serves its own beers, to drink them directly from the source
  • them private tours of the Pantin brewery to discover the stages of the manufacturing process, and end with a tasting of the latest novelties. Reservations here.
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