Benoît Paillaugue, champion of France with Montpellier: “We got spat on…”

Benoît Paillaugue, on Canal+, after Montpellier’s victory over Castres in the Top 14 final: “It’s confusing, it’s a mess, I don’t realize at all. We go down in history (of the club), we are the first. It’s crazy because you would have told me that at the start of the season, I would have laughed. I would have said let’s try to be in the top 6 and we’ll see. It’s the reward of a collective, of a club, of a president, of those who have gone before us, it’s nice to win a title. We got spat on, we supposedly didn’t have an identity, we said a lot of things, rightly or wrongly, but it shaped the whole group, those who have been there for a while. I do not know if all this will be erased but I think Montpellier will be a little more respected.

Arthur Vincent (Montpellier), on Canal+: “It’s very complicated hot (he sobs). Happy for this club, for this group, to end like this for Fufu (Fulgence Ouedraogo, who stops his career but was in the stands), for the others, for the injured. There are no words, it’s just exceptional, it’s the first title in our history. Who cares about me, it’s for Fufu, guys, farts.


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