Billy I’m hungry | What are we eating, Billy?

Originally from France, Billy Galindo has been living in Quebec for 12 years. After passing through the defunct Albert Bistro, then at the Darna Bistroquet, he has dedicated himself in recent years to developing a catering and ready-to-eat service, first in his kitchen, where he was able to test various recipes and freezing techniques, with the project of opening its own commercial space.

Posted yesterday at 5:00 p.m.

Iris Gagnon Paradise

Iris Gagnon Paradise
The Press

It’s now done with Billy, I’m hungry. “I didn’t want to put my name or my face on the logo at first, because I don’t like being up front. I prefer to be in the kitchen. But it always came back from the customers, who wrote to me: “Billy, I am hungry, what are we eating?” “says the chef, who is supported in this adventure by his wife Camille Boissel.

What are we eating at Billy’s? Several prepared dishes, frozen or in the fridge: soups, dauphine potatoes (delicious), Liège waffles, stews and even small jars of purees for babies, a market that the cook would like to develop if the sauce takes. Don’t shy away from the desserts, the chef being particularly good at simmering tarts tatin, millefeuilles and profiteroles. The little ones will love its marshmallow bears! All takeaway meals come in mason jars (with deposit) or recyclable or compostable packaging.

The small location on rue Saint-Denis has around twenty seats. Its owner wishes to develop a tasty and “no fuss” lunch menu, and will be able to privatize his space in the evening for groups. Until then, here is a new gourmet address to discover now, from Monday to Friday.

4269 St. Denis Street

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