Binance’s Elon Musk and CZ say Twitter is infested with bots

Tue 06 Sep 2022 ▪ 2:00 p.m. ▪
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Elon Musk, supposed to sign a check for 44 billion dollars to buy Twitter, changed his mind at the last moment. The reason ? The absence of clarifications concerning the accounts fake and spam on the blue bird social network. The boss of Tesla claimed at the time to have identified 20% of all accounts registered on the platform. Yesterday, on Twitter, he showed evidence of the existence and proliferation of bots.

For Binance's Elon Musk and CZ: Twitter infested with bots?

Twitter, the lair of fake accounts?

Elon Musk said yesterday that “ 90% of [ses] comments are bots “. A statement supported by evidence, including screenshots of comments posted by an account owned by a fake CZ_Binance. He certainly wanted to justify his cancellation of the takeover of this social network announced last July.

Here are some examples taken by Decrypt:

Twitter please, I see enough of my boss already. Can you help me so I don’t have to see it 99 times a day ? Says Binance.

In the photo captured by Musk, at least 6 comments from Changpeng Zhao appear. Judging by their nature, no one doubts that the CEO of Binance is not the author of these messages.

It’s good for the community »

Invite friends »

Why is he keeping this a secret? »


CZ himself had come to his friend’s rescue. He posted this comment in the thread:

I agree. Only this one is real. »

To say that the latter was ready to pay 500 million dollars for the acquisition of Twitter by his friend Musk. To see their mutual support, it will be difficult for the boss of Tesla to reconsider his decision.

Musk had big plans for the platform

With the intention of making a lot of changes within the Twitter ecosystem, Elon Musk had negotiated its takeover on April 25. On that date, the company’s board of directors had agreed to sell the social network to him at $54.20 per share, or a total valuation of nearly $44 billion.

If he had become the majority shareholder, Musk would make democracy reign on Twitter. That ” so that people can criticize it, improve it, identify bugs, potentially, or biases “.

Other features planned by the CEO of Tesla: dogecoin (DOGE) subscription options, since he is a big fan of it, and an edit button.

However, the American centibillionaire had come across reports from the SEC stipulating that Twitter is infested with fake accounts.

20% fake accounts, four times what Twitter claims, a percentage that could be much higher.

My offer was based on the accuracy of SEC reports on Twitter.

Yesterday, the CEO of Twitter publicly refused to show the 5% proof.

This deal can’t move forward until it does. »

Bret Taylor, the current president of Twitter, had indeed argued that the platform only identified less than 5% of bots.

Immediately after Musk announced his withdrawal from the negotiating table, the board decided to resort to a US court to win the case. But the man who wanted to promote tourism to Mars justified himself by arguing that the social media giant made sure to minimize the damage to extract as much money as possible from him in this acquisition story.


Musk, who is used to scandalous tweets, has been talked about again. But this time, it’s to justify his choice, and that of people seeking transparency, he has advanced evidence that the 229 million subscribers, as well as the board of directors of Twitter, will not be able to refute. .

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