Burger King again trolls its Belgian competitors: “On the other hand, I take care of the burgers”

As we know, Burger King is a brand with a sense of humor. As soon as it has the opportunity, the American fast food chain tackles its competitors but always with a lot of irony.

On the occasion of its five years of existence in Belgium, Burger King has given the cover. On several bus stops in the direct vicinity of McDonalds or KFC restaurants, the chain shared fake invitations to a birthday party.

“Dear KFC, I invite you for my birthday snack for my five years in Belgium on Wednesday June 29”, can we read, signed “Your friend Burger King”. As a PS, the chain adds: “On the other hand, I take care of the burgers”.

© Burger King

At the height of its five years, Burger King has a satisfactory record in terms of sales and attendance, with no less than 40 million visits, specifies the sign in a press release.

Interesting fact: the largest Burger King order made on Belgian soil in five years has reached the incredible amount of… €578! It was made in the Kinepolis Burger restaurant on August 11, 2020.

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