Burglary in Bellême: “We heard the dog barking but we didn’t think there was someone outside”

Three shopkeepers in Place de La Liberté were robbed.
Three shopkeepers in Place de La Liberté and Rue Boucicaut were robbed. (©Le Perche)

In the night of Tuesday August 23 to Wednesday August 24, 2022three shops of Belleme (Orne) have been robbed liberty square and rue Boucicaut.

“We slept so well,” says Séverine Hurel, manager of the Restaurant Café de la Paix. “We heard the dog barking but we didn’t think there was someone outside”.

Séverine and Xavier Hurel were sleeping in the apartment above the restaurant when the burglary happened. They woke up the next day and one of their two dogs was missing.

It was the owner of a business next door, also robbed, who called them to tell them that she had seen a dog in the street.

“They went through the porch, from behind, they broke the two doors with a crowbar to get into the room and did not manage to open the cash register,” continues the restaurant manager. “They went up to the apartment and opened the door. They must have been afraid of our dogs.”

After they left, a dog escaped into Bellême. He was found on Wednesday morning.

Séverine Hurel had her computer open on a table, but it was not touched. According to her the burglars were looking for tickets and nothing else.

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In the other two businesses impacted that evening, one had its door broken but there was nothing in the cash register.

At the Comptoir bio, the door was also forced open and the cash flow stolen. No product was taken away according to the managers. All intend to install cameras after these burglaries.

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