But why does Elon Musk want to fire 75% of Twitter employees?

News hardware But why does Elon Musk want to fire 75% of Twitter employees?

Elon Musk and Twitter is a long love story. Between buyout proposals and cancellation in full negotiation, we do not really see the end. But decidedly, the megalomaniac billionaire has even more terrible news for the social network.

Elon Musk agrees to buy Twitter… On one condition

It’s semi-official, Elon Musk, the billionaire behind Tesla or SpaceX, finally wants to pay for the takeover of Twitter. The social network with the blue bird has a long history with the megalomaniac CEO, since the discussions already go back quite some time.

After months of speculation, Elon Musk has announced his plans: he absolutely wants to buy Twitter. But a small problem arises, and the billionaire wants to cut the budget of the social network even more. Elon Musk foresees a wave of layoffs according to the Washington Post.

According to the newspaper’s sources, Elon Musk wants to fire no less than 75% of Twitter employees. And for good reason, the entrepreneur wants to increase the number of employees from 8,500 to 2,000 individuals.

Elon Musk justifies this by financial concerns on the part of the social network and that the health of the company will, in any case, lead to a wave of massive layoffs. With its offer of no less than $ 44 billion accepted by the board of directors of Twitter and many worries with economic and legal concerns, the takeover should be finalized on October 28, 2022 according to Washington Post.

Musk has big ambitions for Twitter and wants to reach 1 billion users on the platform, up from the current 230 million. Elon Musk would like to make the social network more “free” than it already is, by putting freedom of expression at the heart of the network’s policy. Understand what you want from this information…

Apart from the layoff plan, Elon Musk would like to reduce the number of employees working from home. At Tesla, Musk forces his employees to stay 40 hours a week face-to-face so as not to be fired…

Twitter does not want to part with its employees

Obviously, this indirect announcement produced the effect of a bomb in the premises of Twitter. The board of directors immediately reassured the employees by denying this redundancy plan.

We have no confirmation of the buyer’s plans post-acquisition and recommend not listening to rumors or leaked documents, but rather awaiting the facts from us and the buyer directly. .

Even if Twitter denies these layoffs, they announce at the same time that even if the takeover by Elon Musk does not succeed, they will still have to lay off nearly a quarter of the current workforce. And for good reason, the company was hard hit by the economic crisis and the internal expenses would be far too heavy for the income that the network garners.

According to Edwin Chen, a former data analyst at Twitter, the drop in staffing could severely affect the user experience. Computer hacking will be more and more present and the moderation of shocking content could be severely affected by these managerial decisions.

The takeover of Twitter by billionaire Elon Musk should be completed at the end of next week, other information will be communicated following this formalization.

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