By “shorting” Tesla, is Bill Gates betting on the fall of Elon Musk?

Can we pose as one of the most cutting-edge philanthropists in the fight against climate change and bet on the downfall of Tesla, which Elon Musk presents as one of the most effective weapons for the decarbonization of our economies and daily lives?

It is, for a few weeks, what the second accuses the first of doing. Bill Gates, who also explains that the boss of Tesla, whom he “respect”could “worse twitter” by buying it, it would “shorter” the action of the motor vehicle manufacturer. He would therefore bet on his fall on the stock market to, by the way, pocket a nice jackpot.

In a text message exchange made public earlier in May, Musk wrote to the ex-Microsoft boss: “Sorry, I can’t take your philanthropic stances on climate change seriously as you take a massive short against Tesla, the firm doing the most to fix the problem.”

The big shorts

Musk, who has always had a very long tooth against people betting on a collapse that Tesla could come close to right now, repeated that a few days ago in a series of tweets: according to him, the position of Bill Gates against Tesla would no longer be 500 million but three to four times more, “between 1.5 and 2 billion”, he specifies.

This new little crusade against his current rival came after a poll in which Musk asked his followers if they trusted politicians more than billionaires – the former won. with more than 75% of the pseudo-votes.

According to Musk, Gates’ position against rose as the automaker’s stock price rose to unreasonable heights.

Bill Gates, who had braided laurels to Musk during an interview given to CNBC in February 2021, then said he did not comment on his own investments. More than a year later, Elon Musk seems to enjoy doing it for him.

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