Capital club scupper Michut’s move to Sunderland

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Paris Saint-Germain could miss a sale. Since the start of the transfer window, the capital club has sought to part with several players to reduce its payroll and reduce its workforce. Among them, Edouard Michut was invited to find a new club. The young midfielder was close to signing with Sunderland and everything was wrapped up with the northern England side.

Only, according to information from Fabrizio Romano, Paris Saint-Germain would have derailed the deal. Luis Campos and his family would have liked to add a buyout clause at the last minute, when everything was agreed. An initiative that was not to Sunderland’s taste. The English club refused the proposal and Edouard Michut is back in Paris.

to summarize

Paris Saint-Germain had reached an agreement with Sunderland for the sale of Edouard Michut. Only, the capital club would have decided to add a clause at the last moment, which the English team would have refused.

Arnaud Dechelotte

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