Carcassonne: “L’Envol”, the Enac restaurant with a breathtaking view of the slopes now open to all

Closed since 2016, the administrative restaurant of the National School of Civil Aviation renamed “L’Envol” has reopened its doors since Wednesday August 31. If previously the place was reserved for students and school staff, it is now open to everyone.

Direction Carcassonne airport, not to fly away but to eat. Closed for six years, the administrative restaurant of the National School of Civil Aviation (Enac) has resumed service since Wednesday August 31. Renamed “L’Envol”, the establishment was previously reserved for students and staff of Enac. It is now open to the general public. Its particularity: its location a few meters from the landing strips, in the front row of the ballet of planes.

“It was a wooden shack at the time”, breathes Joël Laitselart, the local manager of Enac. Created in the 1950s, the restaurant was built on a voluntary basis by mechanics from the centre. In 1974, the place was completely redone before being renovated a second time in the early 90s. In 2010, the attendance of the establishment began to beat the aid. It will close in 2016.

Opening up to the general public is a way of securing and perpetuating the project

“The idea germinated in 2018. For reasons of practicality, we wanted to reopen an on-site restaurant so that students and staff did not need to travel for lunch”, traces the responsible. The works start in 2019 but the health crisis passes by and delays the project. It is finally in February 2022 that the brewery opens its doors to members of Enac. And since this week to external customers. A choice that was not made at random. “It’s a way of securing and perpetuating the project. At most on our site, we can have 50 students at the same time, which is not huge in itself. To be able to find a financial balance, we had to open up to General public”he continues.

“It catches the eye
from everyone”

In this atypical setting with a view – very close – of the planes taking off and landing. The planes used by the school of the Socata TB10 and TB20 type, aerobatic planes, Pipistrel (electric planes) but also commercial planes of the Boeing 737 type. Not to mention civil security aircraft and business jets. .. “A change of scenery at home in a friendly atmosphere”describes the head of establishment Jean-Pierre Sire, formerly of the restaurant “At the right time” in Salvaza. “If there’s a plane taking off, I stop what I’m doing and watch the show. It’s the same for people who come to eat, it catches everyone’s eye […] Wherever you sit in the restaurant, you have seen the slopes. Everything was thought out around that. he adds. To ensure the good economic health of the restaurant, Jean-Pierre Sire also relies on business seminars. The place offering “traditional cuisine around fresh and local products” even has a dedicated room.

L’Envol, Salvaza airport, Montreal road. Open Monday through Friday. Evening and weekend service by reservation. Contacts: 04 68 13 22 86;

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