60 years old and soon on the street with their old cat: in Montauban, Françoise and Dominique call for solidarity

the essential Françoise and Dominique appeal for help. This couple of artists in great precariousness find themselves almost on the street, after various scams and a hasty move. The last two years have not been kind to Françoise and Dominique. In 2020, the couple still lived on rue des Martyrs, the bucolic street that climbs … Read more

Animal sexuality: all practices are in nature

This article is from the magazine Les Indispensables de Sciences et Avenir n°210 dated July/September 2022. From the porcupine urinating on its companion to induce ovulation to the echidna equipped with an improbable phallus with four acorns, passing through the marsupials Antechinus frantically reproducing until they die of exhaustion, the animal world is full of … Read more