2 men in the middle of a fishing trip make an unexpected catch and bring up 2 kittens from the water

Published on 08/18/2022 at 8:05 p.m. They thought they were catching a few fish, but 2 friends who were sailing on a river in Alabama discovered something else entirely. One after another, 2 kittens who had fallen into the water approached their boat, meowing to ask for their help. © Jason Frost/Facebook favorite activity of … Read more

A stray dog ​​walked into a bar, overheard a singer and joined in the show playing the guitar

The thousands of videos circulating on the Internet make us realize that the world is big and that certain situations say so much more than words can say. One such example was captured on video, where a stray dog ​​can be seen interacting with a musician at a bar. The Twitter account ‘GoodNewsCorrespondent’ shared this … Read more