Food | Gastronomy: a restaurant signed Pierre Gagnaire in Aix-en-Provence

He is undoubtedly the most respected practicing French chef among his peers. Pierre Gagnaire has been inventing and developing haute cuisine for thirty years, making it more legible, lighter, without ever falling into austerity. His arrival in Aix-en-Provence at the helm of the restaurant of the 5-star hotel Villa Saint-Ange is therefore a small event … Read more

Nightmare in Netanya: Two women rioted in a restaurant and attacked customers – © Infos-Israel.News

🟦 ANNOUNCEMENT 🟦 Last night police arrested a woman suspected of rioting and attacking customers at a restaurant with her friend; According to testimonies from the neighborhood, the two young girls threw objects in all directions, insulted the guests, overturned the tables, spat and kicked the employees and guests. Guy Golan, owner of the place … Read more

How to be vegetarian without deficiencies and in good health?

In this program, the main benefits of vegetarianism are exposed without proselytism and without guilt. How to eat vegetarian or vegan without deficiencies? The guests define the terms in the preamble. Fabien Badariotti, doctor in molecular and cellular biology, defines vegetarianism : “A vegetarian is someone who refuses animal flesh, mainly fish and meat, but … Read more

4 reasons to cook in the combi-steam oven

1- It reveals the flavors What a disappointment, when you discover that roast chicken with golden skin actually turns out to be very dry when cut! Thanks to the Electrolux combi-steam oven, that will be history. Adding steam while cooking keeps food moist and juicy inside, while hot air crisps it on the outside. With … Read more

Princess Beatrice embarrassed: her bank card refused in a luxurious restaurant

Passing through the Glastonbury Festival, this Friday, June 24, Princess Beatrice experienced a very embarrassing moment in a starred restaurant. In the columns of the Daily Star, one of the customers returns to this moment which did not go unnoticed. Awkward moment for Princess Beatrice of York. Passing through Glastonbury this Friday, June 24 to … Read more